dissabte, 19 d’abril de 2008

What a pity...

Recent events happened within the company where I work just have helped me to open my eyes a bit more... not just regarding the attitude of my collegues (if they deserve being so-called) at work towards people around them, but towards our society in general.

What a pity...

Although are still there some people who would do anything for helping others in spite of not obtaining anything in exchange, the huge other majority wouldn't move a single finger to defend or help a collegue, for instance.

Where have we reached nowadays? Is our society so selfish than you cannot even trust your collegues at work? Is there so much hypocrisy that no-one can think, not even for a short moment, to others instead of always to oneself? What are they afraid of?

I would not like having been in the skin of my sacked collegue, who recieved the support of hardly anybody apart from those belonging to the company's Trade Union!
Can you simply imagine that those who you consider your friends or collegues do not do anything to support you during your dismissal?

At least now I know that if this happens eventually to me, for instance, in the future, I will just be able to count on few people there (if they are still working there, of course!). And, as it would be said in my birth language: "one can just trust to himself for solving his or her own problems", meaning that do not expect others to help you when you need it; use your own strength to make your way on, otherwise no-one else will do it for you!

I hate this society where I live in... so selfish, so individual, so competitive... Until where will it reach? Hope not so much further...

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Anònim ha dit...

Leider alles was du sagst stimmt. Darum endlich glaube ich, dass keine wirkliche gute Freunde für das ganzes Leben existieren oder, falls sie sind irgendwo in dieser Welt, sind sie so wenige Leute, dass man wirklich kämpfen muss, um sie zu finden.

I aquest comentari segur que esta ple de faltes jajaja pero dóna el pego!


Anònim ha dit...

Mucho animo y sigue encontrando siempre inspiracion para escribir reflexiones tan interesantes. Un saludo de tu amigo Inaki. A ver si nos vemos.